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Best of Botswana Horse Safari

Best of Botswana Horse Safari

Explore two dramatically different but equally adventure-filled regions of Botswana in a unique 10-day horseback safari. Piper & Heath is proud to join with Limpopo Horse Safaris and African Horseback Safaris to offer this one-of-a-kind adventure.

During the first five days, guests will cover up to 100 miles on horseback in southeast Botswana. This region along the Limpopo River, known internationally as the Tuli Block, is called by the native peoples “Land of the Giants” for its ancient baobab trees, towering cliffs, and large elephant herds. Tuli rewards riders with panoramic views and abundant wildlife including elephant, giraffe, eland, ostrich, lion, leopard, cheetah, and a variety of birdlife.

Mashatu Camp provides accommodation for the first leg of the trip. Large A-frame walk-in tents on teak platforms feature en-suite bathroom, hot water shower, private deck, and communal dining and lounge areas. Further along the route, wilderness campsites offer more rustic accommodation but with comfortable beds, bucket showers, and meals cooked over an open fire. A highlight of the stay is the two nights guests spend at Kgotla, an ancient outdoor tribal court enclosure made of leadwood logs. Guests slumber on beds surrounding a crackling log fire that burns all night long.

On day six, guests say farewell to Tuli in order to travel to the Okavango Delta, the largest inland river delta on earth. Quick rides and wet terrain offer the opportunity for guests to ride alongside elephant, zebra, and giraffe herds. Spectacular wildlife viewing is almost certain with sightings including diverse species such as lion, elephant, hippo, giraffe, rhino, zebra, and hundreds of bird species.

Guests enjoy five unforgettable days in the Okavango and luxurious accommodation at Macatoo. Eight spacious safari tents on raised wooden platforms overlook floodplains filled with stunning wildlife. Private veranda, en-suite bathrooms, private pool, and elegant dining tent provide the latest in fine amenities.

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