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Chobe Under Canvas

Chobe Under Canvas

Chobe Under Canvas is an experience very few visitors to Africa are privileged to enjoy. It is unique simply because of the incredibly intimate nature of the game encounters. This is as close to the early expeditions to Africa as you are likely to get.

Chobe National Park is all about diverse habitats and the wildlife that inhabit them. The perennial Chobe River encourages the growth of a dense forest of tall trees, but as the forests have been thinned out by elephant activity, it has formed a suitable habitat for many other herbivores and the carnivores that prey on them.

In the northwestern corner of Chobe is the Linyanti marsh, an area of permanent swamplands often referred to as the miniature Okavango. Semi-aquatic antelope such as the red lechwe and sitatunga, as well as bird species such as the Slaty Egret, Lesser Jacana, and Pel’s Fishing Owl, are found here. In the larger channels and open water, hippo and crocodile abound, while lion, hyena and smaller predators such as the African wild cat or caracal are here. In the hot dry corridors of the park where life is difficult, the elusive oribi, oryx, eland, ostrich, and steenbok are at home. Other species wandering through this area include giraffe, roan, sable, and elephant. Visitors to Chobe are also likely to see two antelope rarely encountered elsewhere in Botswana, the puku and the Chobe bushbuck.

Bird enthusiasts can enjoy the sight of white-faced duck, knob-billed duck, and red-winged pratincole in their thousands. Carmine bee-eaters build massive colonies in exposed sandbanks, while guinea fowl and francolin roam the riverside.

Chobe Under Canvas is a mobile camp that comprises five en-suite safari tents. The camp sticks to the game corridors and moves every five to six days. The tents are set in secluded spots, but the sights and sounds and smells of the bush are ever-present. Facilities in the camp include campfires, a lounge area, swimming pool, and various viewing decks. You will be treated to tasty, well-prepared meals, and a highlight will be the tender treats cooked over the coals.

Activities center around the wildlife! Twice daily game drives explore the Chobe River and beyond. Accompanied by an armed guide and tracker, game drives are conducted in the early morning and late afternoon/evening to avoid the heat of the day. Boat cruises are a special treat. A leisurely cruise along the Chobe River at sunset gives guests the opportunity to spot wildlife coming down to the water to drink. Large herds of elephant drinking and bathing in the river are joined by groups of buffalo. Red lechwe, puku, zebra, sable, and roan antelope can be spotted grazing on the floodplains beyond. And, of course, the birdlife here is prolific.

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