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Footsteps Across the Delta

Footsteps Across the Delta

The largest inland delta system in the world, the Okavango Delta is an exquisite paradise in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. Exemplifying a true, traditional safari experience that emphasizes exploration, Footsteps Across the Delta offers guests the opportunity to unearth a wealth of discovery as they track animals, study habitats, determine animal behaviors, and understand life in the African bush. Islands, swamps, forests, rivers, and plains provide an unending supply of topics to be studied, and the variety of environments gives a rich diversity of wildlife to the region. Game drives, mokoro rides (dug-out canoes), and fishing trips add to the attractiveness of this complete safari experience. Wet and dry habitats attract some of the largest concentration of big-game animals in all of Africa.

Three comfortable canvas tents provide respite for up to six travelers in the middle of the private Shinde concession. Each tent features two twin beds, a bucket shower, and relaxing sitting area. Even laundry service is provided, and meals are prepared by the bush kitchen chef. Pair your bush excursion with a luxury stay at one of the Shinde or Kanana camps for the perfect combination of activity and leisure.

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