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Jacana Camp

Jacana Camp

Densely wooded Jacana Island is part of the Jao Concession, located in the Moremi Game Reserve and centrally positioned on the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana. Much of the concession is under water for most of the year, except for many small islands sprinkled throughout the region. These wetlands are prime bird-sighting territory, and the primary mode of transportation is by boat.

Jacana Camp boasts all the amenities a safari adventurer would hope to find in an island paradise: private tents with en- suite bathrooms, outdoor showers, swimming pool, relaxing lounge, and firepit. Jacana’s unique dining area rests on a raised deck surrounded by sycamore fig trees and wild date palms. From this perch, guests have a spectacular view of the lagoon while they experience a sumptuous meal prepared and served by friendly staff.

The Okavango Delta’s floodwaters determine the frequency and concentration of wildlife, the most sighted being elephant and hippo, as they take advantage of the luscious lagoons and papyrus swamps. When floodwaters are down, travelers may embark on game drives throughout the reserve, but mokoro rides and boat cruises can be enjoyed year-round due to the abundance of water channels in the region. Visitors will enjoy sighting leopard, lion, zebra, wildebeest, and buffalo both on drives and on walking safaris, which are available by advanced request.

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