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Kalahari Plains Camp

Kalahari Plains Camp

Kalahari Plains Camp is nestled into a remote part of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the second largest protected wildlife reserve on earth, in the heart of central Botswana. The camp overlooks an expansive savanna that teems with life throughout the year.

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Built on raised platforms, Kalahari Plains Camp’s ten en-suite resident tents and common lounge and dining areas provide an excellent perspective on the surrounding landscape. The view is most spectacular, however, from each tent’s top level sleep-out where visitors are afforded sweeping vistas of the Kalahari by day and awe-inspiring panoramas of the African starscape by night. The camp is powered completely by the Kalahari sun, and insulated canvas walls create comfortable interior temperatures even in the heat of the day.

The summer rains cause the semi-arid Kalahari Desert to explode with life. The savanna grows a covering of lush grasses and wildflowers, and herds of grazing mammals descend into the basin to feed. This area is home to the legendary black-maned lion as well as some of the highest concentrations of cheetah in Africa. The camp’s primary activity is 4x4 game drives across the grasslands. Though wildlife is viewable from the camp itself, expertly guided drives aim for animal hotspots where the density and activity are at their peak.

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