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Kubu Quad Bike Safari

Kubu Quad Bike Safari

Combine a few nights at San Camp, Jack’s Camp, or Camp Kalahari with an epic quad bike safari across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. In this remote region of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert lies an expanse of emptiness larger than Switzerland. The saltpans have been dry for millennia, but the ancient super lake is thought to have been home some of the earliest humans, and to this day explorers continue to uncover new fossil beds.

Adventurers can glide across the endlessly level terrain on unique quad bikes, a cousin to the well known four-wheeler. The quad safari packs all the necessary items including bedrolls, food, and water. And as you race across the pans time, space, and direction all seem to lose meaning. Without distinguishing features, the light and land meld as one and play tricks on untrained eyes.

As the sun descends to the horizon, the safari chances upon Kubu Island, an ancient granite outcropping that bulges unexpectedly from the salt plains. Guides, who have arrived ahead of time, tend a roaring fire while putting the finishing touches on a three-course feast. During the next two days, you explore the surrounding area searching for arrowheads and fossils.

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