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Savute Safari Lodge

Savute Safari Lodge

In the western section of Chobe National Park flows the Savute Channel, known for generations as the “Stolen River,” for its unpredictable decades-long cycle of drought and flooding. Since its discovery by David Livingstone in 1851, the river has experienced seemingly random periods of drought, unconnected to the region’s amount of rainfall. For now, the river flows and provides a breathtaking panorama for the guests at Savute Safari Lodge.

Savute Safari Lodge houses only 24 guests at a time, ensuring the ultimate in exclusivity. Each of the 12 thatched chalets boasts a private deck, en-suite bathroom, and lounge area. Visitors can enjoy the lodge’s own library, swimming pool, bar, and dining area, all with spectacular views of the surrounding vista and its wildlife.

Venture out on safari to see the dense population of big game animals. Zebra are especially prevalent in the area as they migrate from the northern of the park down to the freshly irrigated southeast corner. Lions can often be seen preying upon the prolific zebra herd. Besides the exciting game drives, adventurers may choose to visit the prehistoric San rock paintings at Gubatsa Hills.

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