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Tuli Safari Lodge

Tuli Safari Lodge

Tuli Safari Lodge perches on the banks of the Limpopo River against a backdrop of other-worldly sandstone outcrops. The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is an unfenced wilderness extending for almost 300 square miles at the heart of the proposed Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area. This is where ancient cultures converged, and visits to significant archaeological sites such as the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site in South Africa are a highlight.

This region of Botswana hosts the largest elephant population on private land in Africa. Combined with leopard, cheetah, wild dog, lion, vast herds of plains game, and over 350 bird species, this reserve is a premiere safari destination. In addition to the animals just mentioned, guests are likely to see bat-eared fox, spotted hyena, large and small spotted genet, bushbuck, vervet monkey, Chacma baboons, kudu, steenbok, impala, scrub and spring hares, tree squirrel, warthog, giraffe, eland, klipspringer, rock and tree (yellow-spotted) dassies, African wild cat, lesser bush-baby, duiker, black-backed jackal, banded and white-tailed mongoose, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, and zebra.

Fortunately keen birders, check out this this list of reported sightings! Crested barbet, white-fronted bee-eater, tropical boubou, golden-breasted, cinnamon and rock buntings, Kori bustard, spotted dikkop, Natal and Namaqua doves, African fish eagle, Verreaux (black) eagle, spotted eagle owl, cattle egret, Natal francolin, Egyptian geese, helmeted guinea fowl, hammerkop, grey heron, African hoopoe, red billed and southern yellow-billed hornbills, sacred and hadeda ibis, rock kestrel, sabota lark, grey go-away bird or loerie, speckled mousebird, fiery-necked nightjar, eastern black-headed oriole, ostrich, Pearl spotted owlet, redbilled oxpecker, blacksmith lapwing, three-banded and crowned lapwing plovers, red billed quelea, lilac breasted and purple roller, secretary bird, crimson breasted, white-crested and magpie shrikes, and many others.

Accommodation at Tuli Safari Lodge is in eight individually designed suites. The suites are air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms with bath and/or shower. The rooms have double or twin beds and indoor and outdoor sitting areas.

Meals and refreshments are timed to ensure the day’s activities and meals work together. The day normally starts with coffee prior to the morning activity. Refreshments are often served while on the game drive, and brunch awaits when you return to camp. Afternoon tea precedes the evening drive, and dinner and drinks are served after dark.

In addition to game drives, bush walks provide an opportunity to experience Africa at ground level. The slower pace enables your guide to explain fascinating facts about the traditional medicinal use of plants, the dramatic geology, and the interesting history of the area.

There are several hides at key sites across the reserve. You can spend time in these with your guide as part of a morning or afternoon drive, or spend time on your own with just your binoculars. For the ultimate wilderness experience, guests can opt to dine in the bush and stay overnight at one of the hides that is equipped with a bathroom as well as a light to spot nocturnal wildlife.

Guests can also enjoy horse rides, and a well-established horseback safari operator based a few minutes from the lodge offers horseback safaris. Guided day trips to Mapungubwe, a World Heritage Site, are a special treat.

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