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Zarafa Camp

Zarafa Camp

Overlooking the Zibadianja Lagoon within Botswana’s Chobe National Park is Zarafa Camp. Situated under the broadleaf trees that line the lagoon, the luxury tents and common area deck afford views of unparalleled beauty.

Zarafa Camp personifies an old-world luxury, with “marquis style” tents in the tradition of turn of the 20th century safaris. The four lodging tents host a maximum of eight residents, allowing the camp to focus on personalizing each resident’s experience. The camp is perfect for those who prefer an intimate setting or even those who would like to reserve the whole camp for their own exclusive use. Relaxing and dining within the camp can take place in the large “campaign” style tents or the expansive viewing deck.

Residents of Zarafa Camp can customize daily activities at will. While guests are encouraged to take short guided nature walks from the camp, most popular are morning, afternoon, and nighttime game drives in pursuit of the Chobe’s incredible diversity of wildlife. Herds of grassland wildlife including kudu, buffalo, zebra, and giraffe share the landscape with predators including cheetah, lion and leopard. Over 300 varieties of birds can be seen as well.

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