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Ngaga Camp

Ngaga Camp

Ngaga Camp is situated in Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the remote north of the Republic of Congo. This region, in the heart of the Congo Basin, is the world's second largest expanse of tropical rainforest. In the heart of a marantaceae forest, Ngaga Camp is part of the Odzala experience with its sister Lango Camp. These camps blend into this remote forest environment and are sensitively constructed, leaving as light a footprint as possible.

Ngaga’s six creatively designed guest rooms were inspired by the local B'Aka Pygmy groups and were constructed using natural, locally-sourced materials such as sustainably harvested hardwoods. Bamboo and raffia palm matting add to the authentic African feeling. The guest rooms at Ngaga are raised 3-4 meters off the ground. The wraparound walkway creates a unique “canopy” experience.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park is unique because it is home to Africa's densest population of western lowland gorillas as well as significant populations of forest elephant. The region is also the richest forest block in central Africa for primates, including guereza colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, agile mangabey, De Brazza's monkey, Allen's swamp monkey, crowned monkey, black and white colobus, and putty-nosed monkey.

Over 400 bird species have been sighted in the park, including black Guinea fowl, white-crested tiger-heron, Congo serpent-eagle, vermiculated fishing-owl, grey-headed broadbill, grey parrot, and forest swallow. Experienced birders will certainly attest to the challenges of forest birding, but persistence is always rewarded with jewels such as black-and-white casqued hornbill, lyre-tailed honey guide, Gabon woodpecker, chestnut wattle-eye, and several under-storey skulkers such as greenbuls, alethes, and akalats.

The park encompasses numerous ecosystems, from dense primary forest to forest fringe, savanna, wide languid rivers, and forest bais and salines. Bais and salines are swampy, grassy areas dotting the rainforest. These clearings offer rare opportunities to glimpse the forest dwellers. Various mammal species come to the bais on a regular basis to access various elements from minerals and salts, to feed on sedges and water-loving grasses, and to water.

Forest elephant, a recently recognised full species, are also frequently observed in savanna areas and on the forest fringe as well as along the Lekoli River. Antelope species include bongo, Sitatunga, and black-fronted duiker. Red river hog, harnessed bushbuck, grey duiker, and Peters' duiker are regularly seen in the M'boko and Lango areas.

Given the animal and forest biodiversity, it is not surprising that activities revolve around nature. Activities at Ngaga Camp include tracking habituated groups of gorilla, riding motorized pirogue along lush river systems, game drives across the savanna, nature walks along lush forest streams and salines, game viewing from raised platform hides overlooking bais, and venturing into the forest at night in search of more reclusive species such as spotted hyena, golden cat, and water chevrotain.

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