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Odzala: Heart of Diversity

Odzala: Heart of Diversity

Wilderness Safaris introduces two itinerary options for this journey through the rainforests of the Odzala. Depart from Brazzaville, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Congo, for Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Track uniquely-adapted forest mammals through the dense African rainforest and savor intimate encounters with the rare and coveted Western Lowland Gorilla.

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The seven-day itinerary features multiple-night stays at Lango Camp, within the borders of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, and Ngaga Camp to the southwest. Activities at Lango Camp center around the Lango and Mbouebe Bais, large clearings within the rainforest whose streams and marshy meadows serve as a sort of hub for the forest wildlife. A cruise on the Lekoli or Mambili River proves to be not just a relaxing activity but a prime vantage point from which to observe wildlife and wildfowl.

Because of the density of the African rainforests, it is the riverbanks and forest bais that promise the best encounters with wildlife. Odzala has a variety of habitats that support impressive concentrations of forest mammals. Its primates range from colobus to chimpanzee and its herbivores from elephant to buffalo to duiker, each of which is specially adapted for its jungle environment.

Transferring on day four to Ngaga Camp, travellers will enter gorilla territory. During the next few days, experienced guides will lead excursion into the forest, expertly tracking the local gorilla groups. The camp is situated in the heart of highest known densities of Western Lowland Gorilla. In this region the home ranges of three distinct gorilla groups overlap, and each group has been habituated to humans. In the extended area surrounding the camp, no fewer than seven groups totaling over one hundred gorillas have been observed. With this kind of density, visitors can bank on once-in-a-lifetime encounters with this unique species.

The four-day version of this safari follows the same itinerary but packs it into half the time, spending just one day at Lango Camp in Odzala and two days at Ngaga.

Brief Itinerary (7-day)

Brief Itinerary (4-day)

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