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Omo River Safari

Omo River Safari

The perennial flow of Ethiopia’s Omo River has nurtured human populations for millennia, if not longer, gaining it the moniker of “Cradle of Mankind.” Archaeological sites along its banks have yielded some of the oldest known human artifacts, and the tribes that roam the region today seem to have stepped right out of the prehistoric past. It is around this astounding cultural diversity and uniqueness that Origins Safaris partners with Piper & Heath Travel to offer a twelve-day safari.

Your first two days will be spent touring Ethiopia's more "modern" diversity in the bustling capital city of Addis Ababa. The historically rich native culture of Ethiopia mixes with international flavors to produce a fantastically eclectic experience. From the peak of Mount Entoto just north of the city, your guide will point out all the major landmarks. Additional sightseeing and the local nightlife can be enjoyed as time permits.

The next few days will see the tour visit the remote Suri tribal lands of Kibish and Tulgit, along the Kibish River. Two full days mingling with the native cultures, admiring their spectacular body art, and observing their ancient customs will be lasting memories.

The bulk of the twelve-day safari will be spent in Ethiopia's legendary Omo River Valley. Lumale Camp serves as the home base from which to explore the region and interact with the indigenous peoples. Nestled on the banks of the river, Lumale’s accommodations are simple yet comfortable. The resident tents are standing height, insect proof, and come complete with en-suite bathroom facilities. The camp is particularly known for its hearty breakfasts, impressive bagged lunches, and scrumptious dinners.

Your international flight will arrive in Nairobi, Kenya, where you will spend the night at the Norfolk Hotel. After a three-hour flight to the banks of Lake Turkana, you will drive across the Ethiopian border, following the Omo River northward to Lumale Camp.

The next four days will be spent on the banks of the Omo, perhaps the last great tribal land in the world, encountering a variety of the region’s diverse tribes. From the agro-pastoral Hamar and their coming-of-age “cow jumping ceremony” to the ornate body art and intricate headdresses of the Kara to the warmongering ways of the Nyangatom to the remote Mursi; visitors can expect once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will create unforgettable memories.

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