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Exposé Safari 2012 - Big Cat Conservation

UPDATE: The Big Cat Safari itinerary is running again in 2013! Click here to view the 2013 itinerary.

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In our generation we have seen the decline of all major cat species by 90-95%. This dire situation has recently been heightened by the motion picture The Last Lions. According to legendary National Geographic filmmaker and The Last Lions creator, Dereck Joubert: "In 1960, there were 400,000 lions living in the wild. Today, there are just 20,000."

Expos in the Field! Leopard Lion Cub Protecting the Kill African Luxury Cheetahs Keeping Watch
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In tribute to this worrisome situation, this year's Exposé safari is based on The Last Lions message of Big Cat conservation. We will be visiting three of the most important big cat conservation areas in Southern Africa, getting to know the successes and challenges of large carnivore conservation in Africa. At each destination we will have a subject matter expert on site to share their insights. These experts are each the leaders in their field and access to their in-depth knowledge of these animals is a once in a lifetime experience.

This 10 day safari will be guided by local area expert, Piper & Heath Travel owner Chris Liebenberg. Joining Chris on this adventure is professional photographer Michele Benoy-Westmorland. With Chris' vast African guiding experience and Michele's masterful skill with a camera, this safari promises to be fun and educational with every detail masterfully attended to.

Our first stop will be MalaMala Sable Camp in the MalaMala Game Reserve, forming part of South Africa's famous Kruger National Park. MalaMala is widely regarded as one of the best places to see leopard in all of Africa. During our 3-day stay we will be joined by leopard expert Nils Kure. Nils is the author of Living With Leopards and he has worked on the reserve for 23 years. He is an active member of many research projects in South Africa and extensively versed in the individual stories of most of MalaMala's leopards.

We will have a brief stop in Johannesburg for one night en route to Botswana before arriving in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Our base will be Kalahari Plains Camp for the following three nights. The Kalahari is most famous for providing superb cheetah sightings and also as the home of the beautiful black-maned Kalahari lions. Cheetah Conservation Botswana founding director, Rebecca Klein, will join us. Rebecca has long made cheetah conservation her life’s ambition and her expertise on the subject will be invaluable. During our stay we will also spend some time with the local San people getting to know this ancient culture and their unique survival techniques, born from living in this harsh paradise.

After the cheetahs of the Kalahari we head to the heart of the Okavango Delta where will be spending three nights at Duba Plains Camp, home to National Geographic and the Joubert’s feature film The Last Lions. Here, we will be hosted by the legendary Duba guide James 007. James 007, a native of Botswana, has been in residence at Duba for over a decade. His knowledge of the Duba lions – their pride dynamics and structure – is arguably on par with some of the species’ greatest researchers. To explore Duba, under his guidance, is a rare opportunity.


What's Included

What's Excluded

Participation Requirements

One of the goals of the Exposé series is to provide greater exposure to burgeoning destinations. we will, therefore, be actively promoting this safari and the experience to the media. It is possible that a professional travel writer and photographer may join this safari. While most of the photography will be focused on wildlife and lodgings, there may be photos of guest activities, some of these photos may be used in our marketing material. We also request that our participants consider providing:

This safari will be conducted with a focus on as many nontraditional activities as possible. We are trying to steer away from the machine powered safari activities and will be leaning more to walking and other self propelled activities. For this reason, a certain level of fitness will be required and walking will be offered as an alternative activity.

Safari Costs

As per the Exposé mission statement, Piper & Heath Travel will take no profit from this safari and the costs of this trip will be based on:

The cost of this safari will be $9,950.00 per person sharing. This is a fully inclusive rate and includes all meals, services and camp activities.

Each participant has the opportunity to be on the forefront of conservation tourism, to participate in supporting conscientious and sustainable travel, and to have their tourism dollars directly benefit deserving tourism ventures. We look forward to having you join us on this special adventure.

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