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Exposé Safari 2011 - Rwanda

Black Rhino Sand Dunes Kunene people Base camp Skeleton Coast Cheetah
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This country is fast becoming one of the must see destinations for an African visit. It has everything that is great about Africa; beautiful country side, friendly helpful people, magnificent creatures and a sense of wildness. The dedication of government and ordinary citizens toward conservation in the last decade has been admirable and Rwanda is slowly starting to see the benefits of responsible utilization of its world renowned natural heritage.

Our focus for the Exposé 2010 will be Gorilla Trekking but we will be exploring far more than this. Rwanda has a lot to offer and we want to show that this country can serve well as a standalone destination. There is much to see in Rwanda and we can’t wait.


We are happy to announce that we have a new member to the clan on the way and as such the 2011 Exposé has been cancelled. We urge you however to visit this beautiful destination by going on our 5 Day Gorilla Tracking Tour.

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