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This little known country in West Africa has existed in a time capsule up until recently. It was explorer and conservationist Mike Fay that first introduced us to the wonder of Gabon. His efforts, along with the Geographic Society, Wildlife Conservation Society, and other sponsors, have led to the government of Gabon taking groundbreaking steps in preserving this pivotal eco-hotspot. Home to a number of primates, forest elephant, surfing hippo and innumerable jungle residents, this country offers an experience that is unique both in what is to be seen, and how it will be enjoyed.

The protected areas of Gabon are in dire need of development to ensure that the conservation efforts of the government will prove to be beneficial to the local communities: the ones who have the most to lose, and the most to gain from what happens in the forests. Gabon is not an “easy” destination and we do not recommend it for first time travelers. For visitors wanting to experience something truly wild and unique, and who are willing to forgo some creature comforts, Gabon offers a once in a lifetime journey.