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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park

Located in central Kenya, Mount Kenya National Park seeks to protect for future generations the region surrounding iconic Mount Kenya. Established in 1949, the park has grown to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It aims to achieve five goals: to encourage tourism, to benefit local and national economies, to preserve this incredible natural landmark, to conserve the park’s biodiversity, and to preserve the water catchment for the surrounding area.

A now extinct stratavolcano, Mount Kenya is Africa’s second-highest mountain (after Kilimanjaro) and has several high peaks. The highest is Batian, which reaches over 17,000 feet. This peak is followed by Nelion, Point Lenana, and Coryndon Peak. Eroded slopes, numerous valleys, eleven small glaciers, and rich forests are just a few of the sights enjoyed by the tens of thousands of yearly visitors to Mount Kenya.

Because of the relative ease of the hike, the vast majority of visitors ascend Point Lenana, a peak reaching over 16,300 feet. Smaller numbers attempt the two highest peaks, with about 200 visitors ascending Nelion and fifty attempting Batian each year. Eight walking routes up to the main peaks offer visitors a variety of trekking options, with the Chogoria, Naro Moru, Sirimon, and Peak Circuit Path routes being the most popular. At different times of the year, certain routes are inaccessible or extremely dangerous due to weather conditions, but a number of ascents are open year-round.

Accommodation options in the region vary, with some visitors opting for basic camping in the park. Luxury accommodations are available on the lower slopes. Many lodges lead guided game drives and walks as well as offering other activities such as fishing and birdwatching.

Wildlife flourishes in the area, especially in Mount Kenya’s lower elevations due to more vegetation and less extreme climates. Visitors can expect to encounter diverse wildlife including monkey, several antelope species, tree hyrax, porcupines, elephant, buffalo, hyena, leopard, and lion. Slightly higher elevations are home to the Mount Kenya hyrax, common duiker, groove-toothed rat, leopard, and many bird species.

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