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The Red Pepper House

The Red Pepper House

In the balmy Indian Ocean off of Kenya’s coast lies a magical, hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered. Lamu Island has been declared a World Heritage Site because of its preservation of the Swahili culture for a thousand years. The local Swahili history, colonial elegance, and incredible scenery combine on Lamu Island to provide an ideal location for the luxurious retreat known as The Red Pepper House.

Embracing the native architecture, the Red Pepper House is covered by a majestic makuti thatched roof. Swahili artisans used traditional techniques to craft much of the lodge and adjoining “nyumbas” (houses). The history of Lamu is woven throughout the décor and includes Swahili influences, colonial items, African art, and other antiques from around the world. Keeping walls to a minimum allows guests to enjoy the ocean breezes, tropical climate, and panoramic views. Situated at the edge of a beautiful forest, the resort looks onto an ever-changing seascape.

Each of the five exclusive nyumbas features a living area, a spacious bedroom, and an en-suite bathroom, all under a traditional makuti ceiling. Outside, a private veranda opens to a private boma enclosure with beach sand and outdoor shower. Further toward the water, guests enjoy their own private space on the beach, including large, makuti-shaded sun loungers. A private butler serves each cottage and caters to every detail. Special touches such as kikoy, flip-flops, drawing kits, wind-up torches, and walkie-talkies let guests know they are especially cared for.

Traditional beach activities such as sunbathing, exploring the coastline, swimming, and watching sunsets are always popular, but guests may also enjoy watching the dhows sail by, searching for crabs, and viewing turtles during egg-laying season. Birdwatching in the forest is incredible as there are hundreds of resident species, including the nearly extinct paradise flycatcher.

Closer to the main house area, a refreshing swimming pool beckons, and the bar offers exceptional drinks while guests relax on the colonial loungers. For guests desiring extra refreshment and serenity, the Kuzi Pamper House Spa offers a variety of personalized treatments, and the library provides a generous selection of novels, magazines, and games.

Meals encourage guests along a mouthwatering journey that includes light, healthy cuisine featuring fresh organic vegetables, fish and other seafood, and delicious wines and drinks. There are no set times for meals, and they can be relished on the beach, in the forest, on a dhow (traditional Arabian boat), in your own private boma, or out under the stars.

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