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Agama River Camp

Agama River Camp

The name “Agama” is taken from the colorful Agama lizard that lives in Africa’s drier savanna regions. Native to this part of Namibia, the lizard is known to be quite inquisitive. Agama River Camp is south of Solitaire and north of Sesriem. Most visitors use Agama to access Sossusvlei and the Namib Naukluft hiking trails.

Agama River Camp has ten rustic chalets situated on the upper banks of the Dieprivier River. The chalets are spacious, comfortably furnished, and pleasantly decorated. Each chalet has two three-quarter size beds, air conditioning, and a spacious en-suite bathroom with basin, mirror, and separate toilet. Guests have the unique option of sleeping under the stars on their private upstairs deck.

Eight campsites are situated along the lower river course, well away from the chalets. The campsites are levelled with clean river sand, built in the shade of large Acacia trees, and partially surrounded by a wooden pole barrier that doubles as a windscreen. They offer running water, washing-up facility, a barbecue, and communal ablutions. The “Mountain” campsite is four miles off the road in the foothills of the mountains and is exclusive for a single group. This site has two showers, two toilets, a barbecue area, and running water.

The main camp’s stunning pool is a welcome diversion in this arid region, and so too are the bar, restaurant, and a large viewing deck.

Self-guided walks into the foothills are an excellent way of becoming one with the environment here. The Naukluft Mountains are one of Namibia’s most beautiful areas. The hills offer hiking trails of varying difficulty. The Olive Trail (six miles) ascends to a plateau that affords spectacular views (be sure to scan the red cliffs for black eagle nests). Surprising in this apparently arid terrain, the Waterkloof Trail (ten miles) features cold mountain streams and crystal clear pools.

Sossusvlei is the site of Namibia’s highest sand dunes. The red dunes that stretch to the horizon are an iconic image of Namibia. Deadvlei is a white clay pan among the enormous dunes, where dead trees (some up to 900 years old!) starkly and stubbornly reach towards the vivid blue sky. For those who are intent on squeezing every possible piece of enjoyment from their trip, soaring over the Namibian terrain in a hot air balloon is a must.

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