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Andersson's Camp

Andersson's Camp

Andersson’s Camp is named for Charles Andersson, the Swedish explorer who was the first European to “discover” the Etosha Pan. In 1907 Namibia made Africa’s largest single saltpan the centerpiece of what was then the world’s largest game reserve, Etosha National Park, and the park remains Namibia’s wildlife showpiece. Andersson’s Camp’s location makes it the ideal base for full and half-day excursions into the park.

Andersson’s Camp is a refurbished farmstead, with the farmhouse serving as the common dining and lounge area. Twenty resident “tents” radiate outward from the farmhouse in all directions. Built on customary raised platforms, the tents include en-suite bathroom facilities and a private viewing deck.

In all times of year, this region provides the best wildlife viewing and encounter opportunities that Namibia has to offer. In the dry season, spectacular concentrations of wildlife converge on the dwindling waterholes, while in the rainy season herd of grazers diffuse across the revived grasslands. In addition, the area is home to excellent populations of elephant, giraffe, lion, cheetah, and leopard. Activities from Andersson’s Camp naturally revolve around tracking and viewing this incredible wildlife.

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