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Babson House

Babson House

Babson House offers visitors to the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Field Research Centre the opportunity to stay overnight in absolute luxury in a converted farmhouse. Previously only day visits were possible. The CCF is one of Namibia's leading organizations leading the fight for cheetah conservation, rehabilitation, and the re-introduction of captive cheetah back into the wild.

The décor at Babson House is safari inspired, and the deep leather couches make relaxing in the lounge easy. A drink from the house bar will refresh you after a long day.

There are three luxury en-suite bedrooms, each with fans, mosquito nets, tea/coffee station, and an in-room safe. The bathrooms are well appointed and echo the safari style decor in the rest of the house. Given that this is an exclusive establishment, a visit here will be for the privileged few. However, there is every reason to get this location on your itinerary; it should be on every safari "bucket list" given what the CCF has managed to accomplish.

Activities are tailored to your preferences and length of stay. Highlights of your trip will include watching a cheetah run like the wind during a “Cheetah Run,” seeing and photographing cheetahs in the wild on CCF’s Cheetah Drive or Bellebeno Safari, enjoying a private safari through CCF’s own "Little Serengeti" (a picturesque open plain home to large herds of hartebeest, oryx, springbok, warthog, and jackals), and taking part in the "Cheetah Exclusive," which involves either a unique personal encounter with one of CCF’s ambassador cheetahs or a meeting CCF’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Laurie Marker.

Cheetah mainly feed on small to medium-sized antelope such as impala, springbok, steenbok, and duiker. Male groups will go after larger species such as kudu and waterbuck. It is a well-known fact that the cheetah is the fastest land mammal and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 100km/hr. However, the cheetah is not as robust as other predators and are thus often robbed of their prey by lion, leopard, African wild dog, and spotted and brown hyena.

The CCF has done amazing work in the field of cheetah conservation and now works extremely well with livestock farmers to ensure the cheetah will be seen in the wild by future generations.

From Piper & Heath owner, Chris Liebenberg:

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