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Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

View the incredible Kalahari Desert from the comfort of your own private cottage at Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge. Ancient camelthorn trees provide shade and draw the eye to the dramatic backdrop of the desert. Located in a secluded valley between two red sand dunes, Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge is an ideal choice for excursions into the nearby wildlife sanctuary, Intu Afrika Kalahari Private Game Reserve.

The spacious main lodge boasts a thatched roof, dining area, fireplace, lounge, and boma that overlooks a natural stone pool. The burnt-orange-colored cottages meld seamlessly into the landscape of the nearby sand dunes. Each cottage offers air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, and impressive views of the surrounding desert.

Experienced local San bushman lead game drives in specially designed 4x4 vehicles through the southwestern region of the Kalahari, an area which encompasses over 25,000 acres. Wildlife in this part of Namibia is plentiful, and several endangered species including wild dog, black and white rhino, oribi, and puku are native to the area. Many other mammals inhabit the area including cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, mongoose, jackal, and over twenty species of antelope.

In addition to exploring the sand dunes and grassy plains in search of wildlife, guests of Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge have the opportunity to take part in many other activities. Learning about the lodge’s predator reintroduction program, walking in the Kalahari with a bushman tracker, learning history and survival secrets of the local San people, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying dinner on the sand dunes all help guests to appreciate the natural splendor of this unique sanctuary.

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