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Canyon Mountain Camp

Canyon Mountain Camp

Canyon Mountain Camp in the Gondwana Canyon Park in southern Namibia, just 26 kilometers from the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon. The camp offers an unpretentious lodging alternative for the more adventurous traveler.

If solitude among the quiver trees is what you are looking for, the beautiful rugged scenery in this part of southern Namibia will cooperate. You will stand amazed at the world famous sunsets of the Namib Desert region.

Accommodation is in eight double rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Apart from a fully equipped kitchen and lounge, guests also have both a lapa (shaded terrace) and barbecue area to enjoy. However, for those nights when cooking is not on the menu, spoil yourself with a cocktail and a great meal at the restaurant at Canyon Lodge, only 6 kilometers away.

Activities at the lodge include horseback riding across the spectacular countryside, a sunrise walk where you can watch the sun rise over the canyon while enjoying coffee and tea, and a morning hike into Gondwana Canyon Park. Hikes can be unguided as you follow marked trails, or you can choose to be accompanied by a guide who will share his extensive knowledge of the region. Finally, scenic drives can to three major lookout points along the Fish River Canyon are a favorite.

Gondwana Canyon Park comprises an area of 1,120 square kilometers. The park was born in 1996 when a group of dedicated Namibians decided to preserve a small area bordering the eastern side of Fish River Canyon National Park in southern Namibia. Regular game counts prove that there is a healthy population of kudu, oryx, springbok, ostrich, mountain zebra, red hartebeest, and a variety of smaller antelope. As a testament to the conservation efforts of these dedicated folks, the elusive leopard is now being regularly sighted, after having been almost completely eradicated in past decades.

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