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“Damaraland” was the apartheid-era name given to a region of northern Namibia, south of Kaokoland, extending over 100 miles inland from the desolate Skeleton Coast. Named after its indigenous tribe, the term is no longer officially used but persists within the tourism industry.

Damaraland is distinctive for its rugged yet beautiful terrain, its prehistoric human settlement sites, and its small but impressive animal populations. Highlights of the regions geography include Namibia’s highest mountain (the Brandberg), Twyfelfontein (a rocky outcropping with thousands of ancient engravings), and the Petrified Forest. The canyons, riverbeds, and caves of the region were once home to some of Africa’s earliest humans, and evidence of their existence can still be seen at multiple sites, the most famous of which is at Brandberg mountain, home to the famous “White Lady” painting.

Today there are no longer any permanent human settlements in the region, but small hardy herds of mammals remain. Wide-ranging populations of desert elephants and black rhino are the most coveted by visitors, with most tours centered around tracking these large species. Giraffe, springbok, and ostrich also roam the wilderness in the never-ending search for food and water.

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