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Etambura Camp

Etambura Camp

As part of Conservancy Safaris Namibia, Etambura is the country’s first Himba co-owed camp, as the main stakeholders in the conservancy are Himba and Herero semi-nomadic pastoralists. Situated in Namibia’s remote northwest, Etambura Camp perches on one of the highest hills in the Orupembe Conservancy, overlooking the Onjuva plains. Local tradition views these plains as holy and forbids hunting.

Built on wooden platforms—and stilts where the pitch of the hill requires—each of the camp’s five chalets is positioned to make the most of the breathtaking views. The rooms are formed of canvas and thatch and have en-suite bathrooms as well as private decks reaching out toward the plains. Comfortably furnished, the chalets beckon after a busy day of activity.

Etambura Camp’s common area is constructed of natural materials, allowing it to blend into the hill. The lounge is the perfect place to relax between activities. Meals can be taken on the large circular decks that offer stunning views of the surrounding area. From these decks, enjoy a drink while watching the sun set and then continue watching as the fires of distant Himba villages appear. Presently, Etambura is only offered on a self-catering basis, but there are plans to expand to include a breakfast/dinner option in the near future.

Game drives within the conservancy promise sightings of springbok, klipspringer, a wide diversity of birds, and perhaps genet, wildcat, or black rhino. The camp’s highly experienced local guides will provide fascinating insight into the history and geography of the region. Sourced primarily from the local peoples, getting to know the camp staff is a key part of the cultural experience of visiting this area.

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