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Etango Ranch Guestfarm

Etango Ranch Guestfarm

Etango Ranch Guestfarm is just two miles from the international airport and less than thirty from the Namibia capital of Windhoek. The Grellmann family has owned this multipurpose working ranch for many years. Visitors get to experience a true Namibian ranch that includes cattle ranching, vaccinations, tagging, sheep dipping, fence repairs, and water-supply maintenance.

Etango Ranch Guestfarm is part of the 480-square-mile Namatanga Conservancy. This is a vast area where mountains, Kalahari sand, and the central highland ecosystems overlap, creating an area of nearly unrivaled biodiversity.

The name Grellmann, and Volker Grellmann in particular, are part of the history of safaris in Namibia. And so the Grellmann family have all the right credentials to be excellent hosts. Etango has a herd of approximately 250 free-roaming SIMBRA cattle. In addition, a flock of about 200 Damara sheep roam the land in search of the best grazing.

Accommodation on the farm is in three bungalows, six en-suite rondawels (The Kraal), and two en-suite double rooms (The Nest). Each of the three bungalows has two spacious, air-conditioned, en-suite rooms and a veranda. A stone pathway leads to the communal open fireplace and the lounge-cum-dining room and bar. These bungalows are the luxury end of farm living with extra large beds, good linens, and large showers.

The six rondawels of “The Kraal” are not air-conditioned and have standard furnishings. They are ideal for weekend equestrian visitors, mountain-climbers, and bikers. The two en-suite double rooms of “The Nest” are not air-conditioned but have a large veranda and private thatched lapa.

There are a number of animal species found on the farm itself including kudu, oryx, Hartmann’s zebra, hartebeest, springbok, steenbok, ostrich, duiker, warthog, and other small animals. In addition, over 200 bird species have been recorded.

The morning drive starts after having enjoyed a typical Namibian breakfast. Drive through the foothills of the Bismarck Mountains and take the time to allow the silence and tranquillity of the area to permeate you. Your guide will share information about the ranch’s operations as well as the fauna and flora seen along the way.

Afternoon drives encounter animals at their most active. It is cooler and the day is winding down towards sunset, so animals are feeding and preparing to bed down for the night. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you cruise the landscape and enjoy the stops for sundowners. Watch as the sun explodes into magnificent colors and then disappears below the horizon. Darkness is upon you, and the wonders of the night commence.

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