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Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Located in north-central Namibia, Etosha National Park was at the time of its creation in 1907 the largest game reserve in the world, exceeding 100,000 square kilometers. By the 1960s the park had been downsized by three quarters, but it still remains one of the Africa’s largest protected areas. As Namibia’s premiere wildlife destination, the park is named for and dominated by the Etosha Pan, a salt desert that is nearly completely barren in the dry winter months. Perennial springs along the edges of the pan create natural waterholes that draw daily concentrations of wildlife and wildfowl.

The summer rains turn the saltpan into a shallow lake that attracts a thousands of migratory birds, most notably pelicans and flamingos. In addition to the saltpan, the park is covered by mopane scrubland as well as tall tree forests of the unique moringa or “ghost tree.” The 850-kilometer fence surrounding the park protects the reserve’s diverse wildlife from external contamination and has resulted in many healthy populations. From May to September game viewing is excellent and promises sightings of the endemic black-faced impala and endangered black rhinoceros. The park is also home to excellent concentrations of elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard and cheetah.

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