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Hobas Campsite

Hobas Campsite

The Hobas Campsite is at the north end of Namibia's Fish River Canyon, ten kilometers from the canyon's primary vantage point. This part of the canyon is within the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier National Park.

The campsite encompasses fourteen units, all with barbecue areas, running water, and lights. The ablution block has showers, baths, and toilets. From May to September the restaurant and bar are in full operation, and from October to April basic groceries can be bought from the kiosk.

Hobas Campsite is an ideal place to overnight before starting the Fish River Hiking Trail as the trail starts at the main viewpoint close to Hobas.

The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world after America’s Grand Canyon. It is the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. The fantastic views around this majestic canyon make it a popular hiking destination. The Fish River is the longest interior river in Namibia and it cuts deep into the dry, stony plateau, which is sparsely covered with hardy drought resistant succulents.

In the canyon it is possible to see several mammal species including wild horses, mountain zebra (Hartman Zebra), kudu, leopard, springbok, troops of Chacma baboons, and isolated groups of klipspringers. Birdlife includes pelicans, black eagles, fish eagles, kingfishers, lovebirds, wild ostrich, and various species of waterfowl and wading birds. In addition, reptiles and insects are in abundance. You may encounter huge Leguan lizards, cape cobra, black spitting cobra, puff adder, and horned adder. At the bottom of the canyon, the Fish River’s natural pools support fish such as barbled catfish and yellow fish.

The Fish River Hiking Trail is about eighty kilometers long and takes between about five days to complete. It follows the length of the Fish River Canyon, and hikers must be self-sufficient. Water can be found in semi-permanent pools. Due to the risk of flooding and the high summer temperatures, the trail is only open from May through August. It is rated as one of the top hiking trails in southern Africa. Hemmed in by the sheer canyon walls and towering above the meandering river, the trail stretches between the northern-most canyon viewpoint and the thermal hot springs of Ai- Ais.

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