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Kalahari Anib Lodge

Kalahari Anib Lodge

Kalahari Anib Lodge is set in the Gondwana Kalahari Park in southern Namibia. The park is an unexpected oasis in the midst of the red Kalahari dunes where tall green thorny acacias and yellow grasses grow. The word anib means “male bird” in the indigenous language of the Nama people, who are predominantly found in the southern regions of Namibia. Birds play an important role in their ancient mythology.

The lodge's main building houses the reception area, curio shop, restaurant, bar, pool, and veranda. The curio shop is well stocked with an array of Namibian arts and crafts, locally produced cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, clothing, and ornaments.

Kalahari Anib Lodge is the ideal stopover for tour groups, individual travelers, and those who wish to camp. Accommodation for groups is in 36 rooms, each offering a private veranda. For individual travelers, there are nineteen single rooms, offering views of the open Kalahari. The restaurant and chalets are arranged around a shaded courtyard with a large swimming pool. Guests who wish to “rough it” with tent camping are well provided for in three exclusive sites equipped with private bathrooms and barbecue facilities.

Animals like springbok, gemsbok and ostrich as well as jackal, hare, and porcupine inhabit the dunes and dune valleys, referred to as “streets.” The area is also home to the Kori bustard, the largest flying bird of all. Huge colonies of weaver birds reside within the lodge's grounds. Bird watchers can view vultures and marabou storks at the feeding place for carrion birds.

The Gondwana Kalahari Park will provide unforgettable memories of the Kalahari, the largest continuous stretch of sand on earth. The park itself is 100 square kilometers in size and is situated 30 kilometers northeast of Mariental. An outstanding feature of the Kalahari dunes is the extraordinary red hues that stem from their high iron content that is rusting!

Activities in Gondwana Kalahari Park center around morning and evening game drives. This is the perfect way of acquainting yourself with the desert. The panoramic views you encounter will be a memory you will cherish for life. Numerous hiking trails allow adventurers to explore on foot.

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