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Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

Near the dusty southern Namibian town of Kalkrand (meaning “chalk ridge”) is Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. The name of the lodge gives away something of what you can expect to find here. But the name alone cannot do it justice!

The lodge is situated on private reserve of nearly 10,000 acres. Two distinct biospheres encompass this land; the arid Kalahari Desert with its almost infinite chains of red sand dunes and the unique “Great Karoo.” The latter is home to vast grass steppes and dry rivers with tree- and bush-lined riverbanks.

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge includes a restaurant, a bar, and a lounge enclosed by a lapa and a fireplace. A swimming pool with a shaded deck is rather beautiful. A long boardwalk connects the main building to the resident chalets. The chalets are spread out in the area of the vlei, and from time to time guests can see animals from their chalets.

The lodge has a distinctive style to the meals, successfully combining European and African flavors. They make full use of the lodge's home-grown herbs and fruit. And for those who have never tasted “Kalahari truffles,” a treat awaits, providing they are in season. The buffet-style meals can be served inside or outside, depending on the weather. When the mornings are cold or the winter winds blow, guests gather around the fireplace to enjoy their meals. For the romantics among the guests, dinner can be taken among the sand dunes.

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge has twelve twin-bedded chalets on stilts. The units are built of traditional materials including thatch, stone, and canvas. Teak floors, natural stone tiles in the bathrooms, teak terraces and boardwalks, private outdoor shower, spacious interiors, and a picture window at which to watch the animals complete the picture. Each chalet is named after a particular animal species that makes it home on the reserve.

Game drives are the premiere activity. Many animals roam freely across the reserve including Hartmann’s mountain and plains zebra, giraffe, blue and black wildebeest, eland, nyala, springbok, kudu, steenbok, oryx, red hartebeest, blesbok, and impala. There are delightful smaller animals too such as pangolin (or scaly anteater), porcupine, aardvark, and warthog.

Sundowner drives allow guests to watch the sun setting over the red dunes! The experience is magical. Hiking in the Kalahari is an excellent way to explore, and guests can arrange for a guided walks or can follow their own noses along the clearly marked trails. For the really active, there is jogging and mountain biking.

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