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Khowarib Lodge

Khowarib Lodge

On the banks of the Hoanib River in northwestern Namibia’s magnificent Khowarib Gorge is Khowarib Lodge. The lodge is about a mile off the main road from Palmwag to Sesfontein. These are the fringes of Kaokoveld and the perfect jumping off point from which to explore this remote region of Namibia. Known as Damaraland, this is the land of the Damara people. It is rugged terrain, but herds of desert-adapted elephant and black rhino as well as Himba tribe settlements make it a unique area.

Accommodation at the lodge is in fourteen luxury canvas chalets. The units are constructed on stilts and jut out from the river bank, providing excellent views river and surrounding cliffs. Viewing platforms extend from the front of each tent and are shaded by the plentiful Mopani trees. The en-suite bathrooms are spacious and well equipped.

The centerpiece of Khowarib Lodge is the beautiful lapa, which is a huge thatched structure made of local materials in a distinctly traditional style. A large koppie creates a spectacular backdrop to the reception, bar, lounge, dining area, and curio shop.

There is just something this environment. The sunrise is gentle but insistent, and guests usually rise early to enjoy morning activities. By lunchtime when the sun is high, guests enjoy the shade and seek a little rest. In the cool of the late afternoon more activities are offered.

Activities at Khowarib Lodge are led by staff that have guided here for many years and who have a deep understanding and appreciation for the local environment and wildlife. One of the most interesting activities at the lodge is tracking desert elephant in the Hoanib River area. Bearing in mind that these are not exactly resident elephant and that they cover huge distances each day in search of water and food, to find them and spend time watching them without disturbing them will be an unforgettable experience. Equally exciting is rhino tracking to the south of Khowarib. The rhino are shy creatures, and, as they have the poorest of eyesight, they prefer to spend their time in the thickest bush to protect against predators.

For a once-in-lifetime opportunity, take the “Himba Tour.” A member of the Himba tribe (more correctly known as the Ovahimba) will guide visitors into the Kaokoveld north of the lodge. The guide will explain fascinating aspects of his nomadic people and their traditional way of life. The Ovahimba are an ethnic group of semi-nomadic, pastoral people, closely related to the Herero. Members of an extended family typically dwell in a homestead that surrounds an okuruwo (ancestral fire) and a central livestock enclosure.

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