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Kulala Wilderness Camp

Kulala Wilderness Camp

Kulala Wilderness Camp is situated on the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve in the heart of the Namib Desert. This camp is nestled at the base of a mountain and provides spectacular views of the desert and mountain terrain. Adjacent to the world-famous Sossusvlei sand dunes, activities in the camp center around exploring and experiencing their majesty. The largest sand dunes in the world, the Sossusvlei dunes are known for the vivid coloring as much as for their size. Ranging from deep orange to bright red to sparkling pink, the dunes receive their coloring from oxidation of their high iron content.

Kulala Wilderness Camp comprises ten comfortable kulalas (meaning “to sleep” in the Oshiwambo language), each offering en-suite bathrooms and private elevated verandas. The common lounge and dining areas are also built on elevated platforms to maximize the panorama. Guests can also take advantage of the bar and plunge pool.

Perhaps the highlight of Wilderness Safari’s camps in this region is the possibility of a sky safari. Exploring the terrain from a hot air balloon provides a unique and stunning perspective on Namibia.

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