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Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani Mountain Camp is a sister camp to Camp Kipwe in Damaraland. Its thatched, dome-shaped central buildings mirror the large granite boulders strewn across the surrounding hills. Damaraland is remote, arid, and harsh, yet somehow captivating. To the first-time visitor the terrain may initially seem harsh and barren, but your fascination will grow by the minute. Damaraland is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet.

The name “Mowani” has its origin in the word M’wane, which means “Place of God.” The camp seems quite well named as peace and goodwill encompass every guest. The camp’s main area overlooks a waterhole.

Accommodation at Mowani is in twelve luxury en-suite tents that are perfectly tucked into the hillside. Built on raised platforms, the tents offer stunning views of the surrounding plains. The rooms are beautifully decorated in an East African style.

The camp’s one suite is luxury and privacy personified. Built at the very top of a rocky hill, it offers the best views in the camp. The suite supplies a personal butler who will attend to your every need. The sitting area has a satellite television and music center, and there is also a dining room and a private bar.

This area is famous for the Twyfelfontein Conservancy, which is the southernmost range of the famous desert-adapted elephant and rare black rhino. Excursions to the rock art engravings of the area’s ancient indigenous peoples are a special favorite. The more than 2,500 engravings and paintings are an international treasure, regarded by experts as the finest examples of their type in southern Africa.

Take one of the walking trails into the mopane treed valley below the lodge and end up at a wonderful viewpoint beside a small waterhole. Sunsets from the camp itself should not be missed. The depth and range of colors keeps guests spellbound, no matter how often one has seen them. Close to the camp are other worthwhile sights too, such as Burnt Mountain and the Organ Pipes.

The highlight of any stay will certainly be a guided excursion in a 4x4 vehicle in search of elephant and rhino. The desert-adapted elephant roam widely in search of grazing and water, and, when it has not rained for some time, they are often found in the dry riverbeds digging down through the sand until water seeps into the holes.

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