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Central to the ideals of Mundulea Bush Camp are simplicity, sustainable utilization, restoration ecology, and biodiversity. Simplicity is embodied by attention to guests’ basic needs to sleep peacefully, eat well, get clean, and feel comfortable. Provided for guests at little cost to the surrounding environment, these basic necessities are made possible by a variety of innovative techniques including water heated by a farm-style water boiler, solar panels, recycled wastewater, and up-cycled materials.

Mundulea Bush Camp is situated on the beautifully lush Mundulea Nature Reserve in Namibia’s Otavi Mountains. So hidden is the bushcamp among weeping wattle and leadwood trees that someone standing just sixty feet away would struggle to find it. Experiencing the bush in one of Mundulea’s spacious tents is about as close to nature as you can get without actually sleeping under the stars. Four large twin bedroom tents feature shaded verandas, goose down pillows and duvets, 100% cotton bed linens, handcrafted furniture, and en-suite bathrooms. Guests can sneak away to view wildlife at the nearby waterhole by taking a short pathway from their tent to a carefully constructed hide.

Kraal-style uses of logs, branches, and limestone characterize Mundulea’s architecture in the main lodge area. It features a bush kitchen, reading area, and dining area. Delicious and innovative whole-food meals are harvested locally, delicately cooked, and then shared around an open fire, providing a unique dining experience.

Daytime adventures are carefully suited to the interests and abilities of guests. Walking and hiking on trails yield intimate experiences with nature, from sloping savannas to rocky mountains to caves. Tracking and recording game is a pass-time for guests of Mundulea Bush Camp. A Land Rover is often used to explore the bush, and each excursion is led by an experienced guide to help interpret your discoveries in an insightful way.

Wildlife abounds on the ten-year-old Mundulea Nature Reserve, including several antelope species, warthog, springbok, and giraffe. And endangered black-faced impala, roan antelope, tsessebe, Hartmann’s zebra, and black rhino are finally making a comeback. Birdlife and predators such as leopard, cheetah, hyena, and more are often spotted, encouraging the protectors of Mundulea to continue in their goal of respecting biodiversity and giving breathing space to Namibia’s rare and special wildlife.

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