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Namib Desert Lodge

Namtib Desert Lodge is a working farm owned and run by the Theile Family. It is situated in the Tiaras Mountains on the edge of the Namib Desert. As part of the 60-square-mile Namtib Biosphere Reserve, the farm, its farming activities, and the animals here have all had to adapt to the arid climate of southern Namibia.

This area is beautiful, the landscapes are vast and breathtaking, and the peace and quiet is tangible. Guests should take the time to discover fascinating desert-adapted flora and fauna. Namtib is ideally located between Fish River Canyon and Sossusvlei.

The lodge has five bungalows offering five double rooms, two single rooms, and one family room. Each room has its own bathroom. A tea and coffee facility is available in each bungalow. The lodge’s main area has a reception and dining room. And although the lodge does not have a bar, drinks can be ordered from the dining area. Meals at Namtib are ordered from a set menu, and vegetarians are accommodated.

Travelers who wish to stay in their own tents can make use of the campsites at Little Hunter's Rest (four single and one group). The ablution and cooking facilities are basic. The name “Little Hunter’s Rest” is taken from the fact that artefacts were found under nearby large camelthorn trees. These trees provided native San Bushmen with shade during their ancient wanderings.

Activities at Namtib Desert Lodge include nature drives, usually taken in the afternoon when the day has cooled a little and the animals are more active. Specially adapted vehicles afford excellent views of the wildlife and birdlife that lives here. Photographers in particular will find this area fascinating, as the open plains, rugged mountains, and changing colors and shadows combine to create excellent opportunities for magnificent photographs.

The farm’s guided hiking trails will prove that, contrary to what many will think, the desert pulses with life. It is often the small things that are the most interesting as they are so often overlooked. Although not the area with the most bird species in Namibia, there are enough birds here to make birdwatching worthwhile, especially at water points.

Perhaps the highlight of any visit to this region is the sunsets! Sunsets in the desert are always magnificent as the dust in the atmosphere enhances the colors of the setting sun. And then, after the sun has set and you have enjoyed a delicious meal, take some time to look up at the extraordinary night sky. The lack of light pollution goes a long way to explaining why the stars seem to be so bright and how the Milky Way got its name.

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