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Omaruru Game Lodge

Omaruru Game Lodge

Omaruru Game Lodge is slap bang in the rural heart of Namibia, in an area where cattle ranching was the business of choice. This is fertile land, where the tall trees and sweet grass make for excellent ranching and the rains are fairly consistent. A large variety of wildlife are native to these parts and have rebounded in recent years as many erstwhile farms have been converted to private game reserves.

Omaruru is designed as a series of eight “African huts,” albeit more in theory than in practice. Few traditional Africa huts are so finely constructed of stone and thatch. Nor do the huts of ancient lore have air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with hot running water! Omaruru’s huts circle a large waterhole in the shadow of tall palm and sycamore trees. As each hut has its own patio, guests have a perfect vantage point from which to relax and observe the wildlife.

There are also five self-catering bungalows set in a separate compound that offer seventeen beds in total. And another large bungalow serves as a meeting room for between up to thirty persons and has all the equipment required for a conference.

An African round house houses the common areas which include a large restaurant and patio that overlooks the waterhole. Watch the giraffe, zebra, rhinos, and others come and go. As the waterhole is floodlit, guest can observe the nocturnal goings-on as well.

Omaruru Game Lodge is set on approximately 8,400 acres, of which about 1,000 acres have been set aside as a more formal wildlife area. Within these borders you are assured of encountering the animals. There are rhino, zebra, giraffes, eland, oryx, wildebeest, most other African antelope, ostrich, leopard, and cheetah, to name a few. The larger area provides a less contrived experience. Wait patiently at the waterhole for the animals to arrive for their daily top-up, especially the elephant that can be big bullies when they arrive here.

For those who want to experience a special night in the bush, stay a night in the “bush house.” Located in some distance from the lodge in the big game park, the bush house offers real proximity to the Namibian wildlife.

And for the more active visitor or those wanting to work off a few calories, ascending the 184 steps to the top of the nearby hill will reward you with breathtaking views over the bush.

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