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Onguma Tree Top Camp

Onguma Tree Top Camp

Elevated and open to the sky, Onguma Tree Top Camp evokes the atmosphere of simple cottage life - that is, if your cottage happens to overlook a waterhole brimming with African wildlife! This unique camp is situated in the private Onguma Game Reserve, perfectly placed on the eastern side of the Namibia’s iconic Etosha National Park. Bordering on Fischer’s Pan, this is a prime location from which to venture into Namibia’s premiere wildlife hotspot.

Onguma Game Reserve stretches across 34,000 hectares of protected land. Plains game such as kudu, giraffe, eland, oryx, hartebeest, zebra, and impala roam freely, and predators including lion, cheetah, and leopard are frequently sighted. The reserve even boasts its own family of Black Rhino! During the Namibian summer months, when the rains have finally come, the park becomes a birdwatcher's paradise. Over 300 bird species migrate to the wetlands and the once-dry riverbeds.

Onguma Tree Top Camp is small and intimate, making for a particularly enjoyable stay for families or groups traveling together. The camp earns its name from the fact that it is constructed on stilts overlooking a nearby watering hole. The vantage point makes you “a fly on the wall,” allowing you to watch the activities of the animals as they come to the waterhole to drink. Some approach nervously, drink nervously, and then flash away at the merest whisper of a sound. Others approach boldly and threaten the more timid.

Accommodation is in four thatched rooms that can sleep a total of eight persons. The walls are loosely built to let in outside breezes, and if need be the canvas can be let down for privacy. Onguma Tree Top Camp encourages a feeling of community, and not just among the guests. Chat with the chefs as they cook breakfast at dawn over an open flame, or learn about real Africa from your hosts and guides.

Here it is about the bush and the wildlife. It is serene and simple, allowing you to direct your focus to be the birds above you (or beside you!) and the animals below. At the heart of Onguma Tree Top Camp is the main area where you will congregate with friends and family around a big table, a cozy sitting area, or the open-plan kitchen.

The camp is built close to one of the reserve's largest waterholes. The hide-like nature of the camp, the boma fires at night, and the elevated position make for the experience of a lifetime, truly Namibian.

Game drives in Onguma are available in the morning, afternoon and at night. Expert guides are able to maximize your safaris by both educating you on the local flora and fauna as well as tracking the much-desired plains game and their predators. Organized game drives into Etosha are possible, and a morning drive to Namutoni is often followed by a safari through the park.

A highlight of any trip to Onguma is the morning bush walk, led by an experienced armed ranger. Tracking animals by their “spoor” is really interesting and fun for all. Unique to Onguma is the afternoon “black rhino drive,” which allows guests to experience Onguma's unique effort in black rhino conservation. A particular highlight is gathering data from strategically placed camera traps positioned at various waterholes.

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