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Pelican Point Lodge

Pelican Point Lodge

Formerly the lighthouse and harbor control tower for this unique location along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, Pelican Point Lodge takes full advantage of panoramic views and ocean scenery. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Walvis Bay Lagoon on the other, enjoy a restful seaside escape from the everyday. Ever-changing vistas reveal ships coming and going, breaking waves, desert dunes, a vibrant seal population, and amazing sunset lightshows.

Dine in style in the indoor dining room, on the outside deck, or in the privacy of your room. Guests can take advantage of lavish breakfasts, light lunches, and three-course dinners between relaxing mornings and afternoons on the beach. A lounge and spacious deck are excellent spots to enjoy a drink, read, and relax while the attentive staff cares for your needs.

Nine luxurious suites are situated to take advantage of exceptional views, with the uppermost Captain’s Cove Suite offering spectacular 360-degree views. A warm, contemporary style imbues each suite with modern comfort, in addition to amenities such as a seating and lounge area, deck, one-of-a-kind fireplace, 24-hour room service, queen-sized bed, private safe, gowns, slippers, and much more.

Watch the prolific birdlife featuring flocks of pelicans, Damara-terns, seagulls, cormorants, and flamingos, while seals, dolphins, whales, and more frolic in the ocean. Observe the beauties of nature from the lodge deck or take a leisurely stroll on the beach for a more intimate encounter with the area’s diverse ocean life. A favorite of many guests is a walk to the old rusted jetty (about a half mile from the lodge) accompanied by a picnic lunch, a camera, and a book. Beachcombing always reveals special treasures, and with a backdrop of waves, dunes, and ocean-going ships, photos and memories will be made in abundance.

For more adventurous guests, the staff at Pelican Point can help arrange a variety of adventures. Some of the most popular include kayaking with the seals, taking dolphin cruises, quad-biking (four-wheeling) in the dunes, fishing, sandboarding, birdwatching, surfing in Donkey Bay and Skeleton Bay, dune paragliding, taking a camel ride in the dunes, sky-diving, hot air ballooning, and touring various nearby sites.

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