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Rivers Of Kaokoland

Namibia is a rugged and arid country; its unique wildlife tends to be found near surface water, often on the banks of dry river systems. This safari, which creates a sense of pure adventure, follows the twisting riverbeds and finds unexpected and delightful diversity of life in this remote corner of the world.

The style of accommodation takes you back to the great days of African exploration. Comfortable linen bedrolls lit by hurricane lanterns complement the atmosphere in pristine, wild camping areas (often on the edges of dry ephemeral riverbeds). Separate toilet and shower "bathrooms" with old-style tin bucket showers and all amenities create simple serviced comfort.


The entire safari is guided and hosted by the professional and passionate Chris Liebenberg. As a Namibian, he shares his in-depth knowledge of an area in which he is an expert, presenting a seamless and well-rounded and fulfilling experience.

Exclusive Experience

Namibia’s Kaokoland is extremely remote and well off the main tourist routes. On this specialized tour, most areas will more than likely be private, and shared only with the local Himba people.


The dry river systems of the arid Namibian north-west are vital oases for elephant and other desert-adapted wildlife. These hidden life supports form the basis of an innovative travel route, where we spend six days exploring one of the most remote and exciting regions in Africa. Natural animal movements and location dictate where our ‘wild’ campsites and areas of focus will be. The landscape is simply unimaginably large, 4x4 driving is challenging and roads can be rough; all this just enhances the atmosphere of isolation and achievement. Cross-country drives have the advantage of viewing the changing scenery and landscapes of the region, while the air transfer allows for a bird’s-eye view and comfort with which to end the journey.


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