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Shark Island

Shark Island

Shark Island Resort is on the Shark Peninsula, which can be reached via a causeway from the coastal town of Luderitz. The peninsula offers excellent views of the bay, the town, and the harbour. This is an ideal destination from which to explore Luderitz and the surrounding area, particularly for those travelers who prefer to self-cater. Luderitzbucht, as it is known, was established as a trading base by the German merchant Adolf Luderitz in 1883. The 19th century German architecture is still very much in evidence today.

The resort offers a variety of accommodation options. The Lighthouse has two bedrooms, with two beds in each, and two bathrooms. It boasts a fully-equipped kitchen with cutlery, plates, kettle, fridge, etc. There is also a sitting room with a television. Three bungalows have the same self-catering facilities as the Lighthouse, and each unit has its own toilet/shower room. For the tourist who wishes to “rough it,” the resort has twenty camping sites. The facilities at Shark Island include a restaurant and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The only activity run by the resort itself is a guided trip into an area where “sand roses” are formed from crystallized gypsum. Although picking up sand roses is not permitted, a special trip can be arranged through the Office of the Ministry of Environment, and a ranger will accompany the tour and help you dig one out.

The calm bay of Lüderitz Peninsula is scenic. At Diaz Point there is a classic lighthouse as well as a replica of a cross erected in July 1488 by Portuguese navigator Bartholomew Dias, who was on his return voyage from the Cape of Good Hope. Diaz Point is frequented by sea lions. Dolphins, cormorants, an African Jackass penguin colony, and a variety of wading birds thrive around Halifax Island.

Grosse Bucht (Big Bay) at the southern end of the peninsula is another wild and scenic beach. This normally cold and windy spot is home to flocks of flamingos that feed in the tidal pools. Kolmanskop is a deserted and sand-filled mining town from yesteryear, which oddly boasts a fully functioning bowling alley. The town is a photographer’s dream, with moon-like landscapes and sand-filled houses.

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