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Along Namibia’s almost mythical Skeleton Coast lies Swakopmund, a premier beach resort town. Its German colonial heritage is evident in its architecture, place names, and even language (many German-speaking citizens still reside in the area).

In 1892, a German captain founded Swakopmund as the main harbor for Germany in the African colony. And it was subsequently used for importing and exporting large amounts of goods from other parts of the continent. In 1915, with the union of South Africa, much of the harbor activities were transferred to Walvis Bay. Later in 1990, when Namibia declared its independence from South Africa, many street names were changed from German or Afrikaans names to those honoring native Namibians.

However, with business and commerce diminishing, city officials realized that Swakopmund was ideally situated to offer an exceptional resort experience for world travelers. Situated where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, the town offers typical beach activities like sunbathing, beachcombing, skydiving, and chartering private cruises. But for the more adventurous guests, take a quad biking (four-wheeling) expedition or book a hot air balloon ride. Shops, restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, bars, and hotels offer opportunities to socialize and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Must-see attractions in the city are unique and numerous. Indulge in a city tour to take in the Woermannhaus with its attractive tower, Swakopmund Museum, the National Marine Aquarium, crystal gallery, and more. Outside the city, explore the stunning sand dunes near Langstrand, a camel farm, an abandoned steam locomotive dating from 1896, and the Rossmund Desert Golf Course, one of only five all-grass desert golf courses in the world.

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