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Terrace Bay Camp

Terrace Bay Camp

Terrace Bay Camp is situated in Skeleton Coast Park in northwest Namibia, about five hours by car north of Swakopmund. This region is primarily a fishing destination, where the fertility and diversity of the fishing is legendary. It is the cold, nutrient-rich Benguela Current running along the western coast of Namibia that attracts such large numbers of fish. But it is the unspoiled nature relative inaccessibility of this camp that makes it so attractive to many.

Terrace Bay caters for a maximum of fifty guests, enhancing the experience for visitors and reducing the human impact on the environment. The camp offers clean and comfortable accommodation in twenty double rooms and one ten-bed Beach Chalet. Facilities include en-suite bathrooms, fridge, and tea/coffee facilities.

The camp has a cosy restaurant that serves exquisite Namibian cuisine. There is also a comfortable bar and a clinic staffed by a resident nurse. The shop at Terrace Bay sells branded t-shirts, fishing equipment, and a small selection of groceries.

Skeleton Coast Park was proclaimed in its present form in 1973 and extends from the Ugab River in the south to the Kunene River in the north. The attraction of this area lies remoteness. The cold ocean currents combine with the relatively warm coastline to create deep mists, yielding an aura of mystery to the region. The landscape in the park ranges from windswept dunes to rugged canyons to beautiful beaches.

On the slopes of nearby mountains, a surprising variety of interesting xerophytic plants subsist, their survival ensured by a wide spectrum of ingenious adaptations. A conspicuous example is the curious elephant's foot (Adenia pechuelii), which anchors itself in rock crevices. More than 100 lichen species grow on the plains and west-facing mountain slopes. These unique plants change color and become soft and leathery to the touch when the coastal fog pushes inland.

Terrace Bay is the perfect point from which to explore the Uniab River Delta, which is a great destination for hiking, beachcombing, and “duning.” Other activities include excursions to the seal colony at Cape Cross, observing the more than 200 bird species, and game viewing. Within the park are oryx, gemsbok, springbok, giraffe, ostrich, brown hyena, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, and occasionally lion, cheetah, desert-adapted elephant, and even black rhino.

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