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The Stiltz

The Stiltz

Where the dunes meet the sea on the western edge of the Namib Desert in Namibia is the unique town of Swakopmund. Founded at the time of the German colonial expansion into Africa, Swakopmund was initially the only harbor supplying goods to the hinterland beyond the desert.

Stiltz Lodge is the only establishment in Swakopmund that offers views of the ocean, the sand dunes, the riverbed, and the lagoon at the river’s mouth. The lodge sits upon stilts (hardly surprising given its name) and offers accommodation in nine stylish bungalow-cabins. Each bungalow has an en-suite bathroom and features timber construction, rosewood door frames, and copper light fittings. Each bungalow has a balcony that offers great views. There are three twin-roomed bungalows, four bungalows with double beds, one honeymoon bungalow, and one family bungalow that can accommodate up to four people. In addition, there are two double-story luxury villas that can accommodate up to six people each.

Connected to the guest rooms by raised timber walkways, the lodge’s main building is where the “breakfast” part of the bed-and-breakfast combination occurs. The rest of your meals are taken in the city, but this is no hardship as there are plenty of great places to eat! Dinner at The Tug is a special favorite as it serves locally-caught fish.

There are a host of activities to be enjoyed locally. Fishing tours can be arranged with a number of local operators that also provide tackle. The ocean has many excellent edible species including Kob, White Steenbras, Galjoen, and Kolstert, while a number of large shark species can be caught and released. Take a half-day tour to the seal breeding colony at Cape Cross or to the Messum Crater that is famous for its unique desert-adapted plant, Welwitschia Mirabilis.

Take the Living Desert tour and discover the life and beauty of the Namib. Night walks into the desert introduce you to its nocturnal creatures. Quad-biking (four-wheeling) or sand-boarding (at up to 50 mph) across the dunes is for the more adventurous. Take a day tour in a 4x4 vehicle along the infamous Skeleton Coast. Visit the ancient delta of the Ugab River and wonder at its fossilized freshwater-oyster shells the size of a dinner plates!

Join a Spitzkoppe tour where you will meet the native Damara people and be introduced to the Bushman rock art of the area. Tour the historical building and monuments of Swakopmund. Observe the abundant birdlife in the Walvis Bay lagoon while enjoying a catamaran cruise that will also allow you to encounter dolphins and seals.

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