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Tsumkwe Country Lodge

Tsumkwe Country Lodge

Decades ago, a dry riverbed known as the Nhoma Omuramba was the vital migratory link between Botswana and northeastern Namibia. A small town eventually grew, becoming part of the wildlife conservation area that is now Khaudum National Park. Now classified as the capital village of the former Bushmanland, the town of Tsumkwe boasts schools, small government buildings, and the Tsumkwe Country Lodge, the perfect base for exploring the surrounding region.

Surrounded by ancient baobab trees, each of the lodge’s 25 rooms offers guests the comfort of en-suite bathrooms and fans. Twenty canvas twin rooms, one double room, and four brick twin rooms provide a variety of accommodation options. Tsumkwe Country Lodge is a family-friendly lodge, welcoming children accompanied by parents and under their supervision.

The central lodge area has high ceilings, a traditional thatched roof, a plunge pool, and more. Conveniently located beneath a thatched lapa area, the bar and restaurant provide a place to relax and relish a delicious meal. A San curio shop in Tsumkwe offers a variety of African mementos.

Excursions to Khaudum National Park are offered on a self-drive basis with a two-vehicle minimum, and guests can look forward to opportunities to view magnificent wildlife. This nature reserve in the Kalahari Desert boasts unspoiled views and the chance to see big game including elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, and jackal.

Guests can also enjoy an unforgettable guided visit to a traditional San Bushman village. Besides learning how the Bushmen track game, craft weapons, and gather edible and medicinal plants, guests can enjoy a picnic lunch while viewing plains game and varied birdlife in the Nyae Nyae Pan.

A visit to “Hollow Tree,” one of the world’s largest baobab trees, is another fantastic way to spend an afternoon at Tsumkwe Country Lodge.

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