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Weltevrede Guestfarm

Lying in the heart of the Namib Desert, Weltevrede Guest Farm is approximately midway between Solitaire and Sesriem, bordered on three sides by the Namib Naukluft Park. As it is only thirty miles from Sesriem, Weltevrede is an ideal base from which to visit Sesriem Canyon and spectacular Sossusvlei.

In the local Nama language, Sossusvlei means “the gathering place of water.” This is only somewhat ironic, as the dry lake beds surrounded by staggeringly beautiful sand dunes are, in fact, occasionally watered by the drain-off of seasonal rains in the Naukluft and Tsaris Mountains. The temporary lakes that are formed in the vlei act as giant mirrors, reflecting the legendary red-orange Sossusvlei dunes. Not only is this a sight worth seeing, but it is a photographer’s dream.

The name Weltevrede is Afrikaans for “well contented,” and, judging from the haunting beauty of the area and the varied landscapes, the farm is aptly named. There are rugged mountains, shifting dunes, harsh gravel plains, and dusty prehistoric river beds, to say nothing of the fauna and flora that has made this area their home.

Weltevrede has fifteen rooms, each offering stunning views across the landscape. Twelve face west and feature spectacular views of the desert sunsets. Each room has en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and a small private veranda. Weltevrede also has four camping sites, each with a private toilet, shower, and basin.

In the lodge’s main building, amenities include an open-plan honesty bar, comfortable chairs and sofas in the lounge, and a dining area. There is also has a swimming pool, most welcome after a long day’s driving or walking. Breakfast and dinner are from set menus, and most of the meat is sourced from the farm’s own herds of oryx, springbok, and kudu.

The current owners of the farm have spent the last seventeen years rehabilitating the property and taking conservation extremely seriously. As a result, there are now more than 1,000 springbok on the farm, and in recent years there have been cheetah sightings, a rare treat in this region. The area is also home to jackal, leopard, mountain zebra, ground squirrel, kudu, gemsbok, oryx, ostrich, and around sixty other bird species.

Weltevrede offers a number of scenic hiking trails. The easiest trail leads hikers to a romantic spot where a delicious picnic can be enjoyed. Down another trail are Bushman paintings. Guests also enjoy wandering the dry riverbeds as well as a longer hike to the sand dunes. There are many other activities guests can arrange, including drives to Sesriem Canyon and Sossusvlei, hot air balloon rides, and scenic airplane flights over the Namib Desert.

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