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Zebra River Lodge

Zebra River Lodge

Zebra River Lodge is situated on fifty square miles of private land, in a secluded canyon in southern Namibia’s Tsaris Mountains. Its proximity to the Sossusvlei and the Naukluft Mountains means that day trips to these prime locales are possible. This is beautiful country, rugged and harsh but gentle and enticing too.

Zebra River Lodge was born out of an old farmhouse that now serves as the main building and houses the reception, lounge, dining room, and bar. Renovations have modernized the farmhouse without obscuring its charm, original features, or atmosphere. Solar water heaters make the most of the sun, and a nearby waterhole attracts ever-increasing numbers of wildlife and birdlife. Animals here include mountain zebra, kudu, klipspringer, baboon, leopard, and oryx (the Namib’s “desert ship”).

Rooms at the Zebra River Lodge are spacious and carefully decorated. Each room has unique character. This is no “one palette fits all” formula, but rather it is a home that reflects the owners and their influence. All the rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are fitted with mosquito nets over the windows, a nice touch and most welcome when it is warm and the windows are left open. The rooms also have shady verandas where guests can relax and take in the surroundings.

Meals at Zebra River Lodge are from a set menu and feature organic and wonderfully fresh ingredients from the farm garden. When it is warm, meals are taken outside on the shaded stoop in preference to the inside dining room.

There is much to see and do at the lodge, ranging from enjoying the animal comings and goings at the waterhole to wandering one of the marked trails. The local natural springs are the perfect destination for a day hike. There are many additional scenic spots that afford excellent views of the canyon and beg hikers to picnic.

Birdwatching here is great, with almost 120 bird species recorded. These include Verreaux’s (Black) Eagle, Pygmy Falcon, Auger Buzzard, Herero Chat, Rüppell’s Korhaan, and flocks of the charming Rosy-faced Lovebirds.

Additionally, the stromatolites and Namacalatus that have been discovered here make the lodge of very real interest to geologists and paleontologists.

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