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Our Commitment

Piper & Heath Travel takes its commitment to the environment and the communities of Africa very seriously. Coming from Namibia, a country that has one of the most successful community conservation track records, we are committed to non-consumptive utilization of wilderness environs that benefit ecology, communities, wildlife and the visitor.


Our aim is to ensure that with every destination you visit you are able to do so with a clear conscience that your being there will have only a positive impact. We ensure that every destination adheres to a strict set of environmental standards.

Wilderness Safaris Initiatives

When it comes to "giving back," we have learned that it is best to utilize effective existing infrastructure. In this vein we have identified the following projects that we support financially: Children in the Wilderness, and The Wilderness Trust.


Piper & Heath also has other projects of its own that will help improve the lives of the communities we visit. Exposé uses Piper & Heath resources and infrastructure to bring mainstream attention to a little-traveled, but spectacular destination that meets our high standards of eco-tourism. Please see Exposé’s page for further information.

Piper & Heath Scholarship Fund

Children in need

Secondly, Piper & Heath has identified northeastern Namibia, specifically the town of Rundu, as an area with multiple needs. We have been involved in borehole projects to bring water to outlying communities, financial aid to orphanages, and we are in the process now of setting up a scholarship fund for children in vulnerable situations.

US-Based Education

At Piper & Heath we recognize that we also have a commitment to the youth of America when it comes to education. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for all things Africa. We regularly send representatives to schools where we give presentations on varying subjects from SocioEconomic challenges in contemporary Africa to the intricacies of African history.

As Africa moves into the future and establishes itself in the global community, it is important that we as Africans make our individuality and personality known to the world at large. Through our talks with American youth, we hope that this generation will have a clearer understanding of Africa and its people.