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The success of Piper & Heath is based largely on the friendships that we have established with operators in Africa. These relationships enable us to supply great products, at great rates, with great confidence. Our aim here is not to list all our suppliers but rather to mention partners that are an intricate part of the Piper & Heath brand and its development. These partners share our vision, and have embraced us and our goals as we have theirs.

Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris is primarily a conservation organization that utilizes tourism funds to achieve their conservation goals. The impact that they have had on biodiversity preservation, community development, habitat rehabilitation, wildlife re-introduction and countless other projects has been well documented and stand alone as a unique level of achievement. Wilderness Safaris has always been the organization that has set the bar for the rest of the ecotourism community. Wilderness Safaris is the largest safari operator in Southern Africa and Piper & Heath thanks them for the integral role they play in African conservation, as well as for the outstanding support they have shown Piper & Heath.

To view the travel brochures from Wilderness Safaris, please visit wilderness-brochures.com

Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains Conservation

Here is a conservation organization that truly embodies ecotourism, or as they like to call it, Conservation Tourism. The same principles that Piper & Heath hold dear are reflected in Great Plains Conservation. In our endeavors to bring support to destinations that practice a sustainable tourism model, we have found in Great Plains Conservation a kindred spirit and our core values are based the same ones practiced long before us by this organizations principles.

Westmorland Images

Piper & Heath Travel shares a few basic principles with Westmorland Images. We both love Africa, we both take our responsibilities to the environments we operate in very seriously, we believe in a code of conduct that protects wilderness areas, we hope that our professional endeavors benefit people, habitat and wildlife. Our friendship is based on the fun times we share in Africa and a sort of kindred spirits of adventure.

“I have the utmost respect for Michele and her photographic abilities, she has a unique perspective and that is hard to come by these days”.
Chris Liebenberg – Piper & Heath Travel

MO Productions

Mo Productions

The best production company in Africa! Here is a company that stands for being dynamic and hard working. Mo Productions is built on the same “old school” principles that we at Piper & Heath believe in. In a few busy years they have proven themselves as an outstanding production company. The scope of services to pull off a successful production shoot is huge and only experienced individuals with massive imaginations and superb insider knowledge can hope to be successful – that is what Mo Productions does, and they do it well.

Most shoots require some travel expertise and together with Mo Productions, Piper & Heath can accomplish nearly any combination required. MO Productions provides a comprehensive production service in English and French; including castings, location scouting, film permits, accommodation, vehicles and crew. They cater to shoots for advertising, catalogue, editorial and photo library.