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Republic of Congo

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Often confused with the DRC (Democratic Republic Of Congo) which used to be called by the same name, the Republic Of Congo is also known as Middle Congo, Brazzaville, or just Congo.

Having passed under the radar of most of the prominent political uprisings of the greater central African area, this sparsely populated country holds enormous travel potential in its seemingly endless tracts of tropical forest and "wet" savannah.

Traveling in the Republic Of Congo can be difficult but very rewarding. Odzala-Kakoua is one of the oldest national parks in Africa and is home to the densest concentration of Gorilla in all of Africa. This is the main reason to visit, though you will be surprised at the richness of other fauna, significantly the forest elephant and a host of other primates.

Traveling in this area is very specialized, please contact us for any travel questions you may have.