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Bulungula Lodge

Bulungula Lodge

For a backpacking adventure far off the beaten track, plan a visit to Bulungula on South Africa’s remote Wild Coast. The lodge’s goal is, while partnering with a vibrant, traditional community, to be an eco-friendly backpackers’ lodge in the most beautiful place in South Africa. With stunning beaches, forests, lagoons, rolling hills, shooting stars, and a menagerie of animals, this region is truly a wilderness paradise.

Whether wandering through Nqileni village (where you are sure to be invited in for a drink and a chat) or enjoying an African evening on the beach watching for shooting stars, Bulungula offers an authentic African experience. Guests thrill to be a part of everyday life through face-painting, brick-making, maize stamping, beer brewing, firewood collecting, and fishing for crayfish and octopus. At day’s end, listen to amazing stories about village history and drink home-brewed beer with new village friends.

Other activities include wandering the forest with an expert herbalist, canoeing up the spectacular Xhira River, exploring cliffs filled with ancient cycad trees, galloping along the beach on horseback, and dancing on the beach on special celebration nights.

A variety of accommodation options fit any travel style and budget. Five artistically decorated huts have four to six beds each, and five other huts contain double beds (or two single beds). Lux safari tents are on raised wooded platforms in the forest, and most have sea views. Campsites are also available.

Fully catered meals are available at reasonable prices, and the bar stocks beers, ciders, cold drinks, wine, and some spirits.

Part of the mission of Bulungula Lodge is to help the community start community owned and operated businesses. To date, these include horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, guiding, baking, sewing, cooking, and wood-carving. The legendary iLanga Fire Restaurant is owned by two village women and features some of Africa’s best sweet and savory pancakes.

In an effort to help locals escape poverty, Bulungula has been involved in spearheading a number of educational, medical, and infrastructural projects. The local primary school, early learning center, agricultural ventures, and clean water projects have all benefited from the support of Bulungula Lodge.

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