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Camp Jabulani

Camp Jabulani

Camp Jabulani’s motto, “It’s all about the elephants,” rings true in each aspect of life at this very special destination. From its inception with the rescue of a young, abandoned three-month-old elephant calf named Jabulani, to his eventual introduction and adoption into an established (and also rescued) herd, Camp Jabulani seeks to offer refuge to elephants whose futures are endangered. The camp has continued to expand in order to introduce guests to the splendor of these gentle giants.

In South Africa’s Limpopo Province, Camp Jabulani is near the Drakensberg Mountain range, the beautiful Mpumulanga region, and the iconic Kruger National Park. Authentic African elements blend easily with sumptuous designer touches. Grass-pressed mud walls, stone floors, and thatched roofs counter-balance rich furnishings, crystal glasses, elegant fabrics, and silver service. The natural tranquility of the outdoors harmonizes with the classic comfort inside. Gourmet dining on the deck and lounge, relaxing under the gigantic leadwood and jackalberry trees, exercising in the open-air gym, and rejuvenating in the bush spa are all activities open to guests.

A unique suspension bridge connects the main areas of the camp with the private suites. Each of the six luxurious suites features stone bathtub, fine cotton sheets, fireplace, separate lounge area, outdoor glass-enclosed shower, private plunge pool, and more. Recently, Camp Jabulani added the Zindoga Villa, designed for smaller, exclusive groups such as families with small children or for couples traveling together. Zindoga Villa boasts its own personalized staff including chef, butler, and ranger with private vehicle.

The highlight of any guest’s trip to Camp Jabulani is the morning elephant safari. Guides begin with an orientation that is both educating and entertaining before inviting guests to mount the elephants by way of a specially constructed ramp. Comfortably designed saddles with both handles and stirrups can accommodate several riders at once. Guests quickly become accustomed to the swaying gait of the elephant and gaze in awe at the unique perspective of treetops, birds’ nests and the many activities of the bush. Camp Jabulani also offers the only night elephant safari in the world as well as the opportunity to “tuck in” the elephants for bedtime.

Predators native to the area include lion, leopard, cheetah, and spotted hyena. Other common species are buffalo, rhino, zebra, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu, and many other kinds of antelope. Animal sightings from vehicle safaris, elephant safaris, and lodge and suite viewing decks are common.

Bird-watching, hot-air ballooning (not included in fee), private vehicle safaris, and specialized programs for children are other popular camp activities.

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